LOSCO Data Catalog
Links & information

  1. Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinator's Office Web Site (LOSCO) - Information on oil spill prevention, planning, response, and natural resource damage assessment for the State of Louisiana.

  2. LA Applied and Educational Oil Spill Research and Development Program (OSRADP) - A project at LSU to promote oil spill-related research among the state's public colleges and universities.

  3. Department of Natural Resources (DNR) - The Department of Natural Resource is providing a considerable amount of Louisiana data.

  4. Louisiana Data Base Commission - Home page for the Louisiana state Data Base Commission.

  5. Louisiana Geographic Information System Council - Home page for the LA Geographic Information System Council.

  6. Police Jury Association of Louisiana - Links to all Louisiana Parish government home pages

  7. ATLAS.LSU.EDU - The Louisiana Statewide GIS, a project to pilot data and data management tools for GIS in Louisiana.

  8. 3001, Inc. - Home page 3001, Inc, the publishers of the LOSCO datasets.  

  9. LA Geographic Information Center (LAGIC) - Web site for the Louisiana Geographic Information Center.

  10. GIS Primer Web Site - Learn basic concepts, methods, and strategies of GIS.