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  1. How do I browse the LOSCO Data Catalog?
  2. Why do some of my keyword searches fail?
  3. How do I view the metadata ?
  4. How do I download the datasets?
  5. Who manages this web site?
  6. Where can I get more data ?

1) How do I browse the LOSCO Data Catalog?

There are two ways to browse the catalog:

  • Catalog Data by Agency

  • Click the drop-down menu to select a contributing agency.

  • Click Submit to begin the search

  • Keyword Search Query:

  • Type a keyword in the space provided.

  • Click Execute to begin the search

  • More Information Here

You can access these tools from the LOSCO Data Catalog Home page

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2) Why do some of my keyword searches fail?

If you need help or just want to improve your average of successful queries, visit the "Search Tips" page.
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3) How do I read the metadata?

After you have chosen and executed a successful  browse method,  hyper-linked metadata records are viewable from a single mouse click.

ArcView users can download an extension that makes viewing metadata easier:  Theme Metadata extension for ArcView.  The extension adds a button to ArcView which, when clicked, displays metadata for the active theme. 

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4) How do I download the data?

Downloadable GIS Data are accessible from within each metadata record.  The datasets are distributed in Zip compression format (download Winzip) and include:

  • Data in ESRI ArcView 3.x Shape (*.shp) format
  • Data in ESRI Arc/Info Exchange (*.E00) format
  • Metadata files (*.html, *.sgml, *.text, *.mtd)
  • Browse graphic
  • Any associated documentation and last-minute details
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5) Who manages this web site?

This site is managed by a  joint effort between the Louisiana Oil Spill Coordinators Office (LOSCO) and the Louisiana Geographic Information Center (LAGIC).  All aspects of the site management is maintained by LAGIC.  

  • Web related inquiries can be directed to the Webmaster.  
  • Data related inquiries should be directed to the contact address indicated in the metadata.
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6) Where can I get more data?

There are a number of internet resources for acquiring data.  The numerous local, state, federal, and commercial data outlets make it difficult to provide their links.  

However, there are a number of searchable data Nodes on the internet that make finding the data you need easier to achieve.  Of particular note is the Federal Geographic Data Committee (FGDC) maintains a Clearinghouse of  nodes from around the planet.  LAGIC is a contributing member of the Clearinghouse.

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